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Abricó beach, surrounded by a beautiful, poetic landscape, is but a little strip of sand in comparison to all of Rio's coastline.

Perched between mountain and sea, Abricó has the characteristics of an undeveloped beach, with lots of foliage and rocks that make for a great place to relax. Located in Grumari, right after Prainha if you're coming from Barra de Guaratiba, Abricó was chosen by naturists for its private and peaceful location. Abricó became legal (again) for naturists on 1 October 2003 The A.N.A. (Naturist Association of Abricó) is the organization that keeps an eye on the beach, making sure that international naturist norms are observed. The group also sponsors carefully planned activities for its associates, such as games, theme reunions, and excursions.

Is it possible to take public transportation from Copacabana to Abrico Beach?

By bus: The cheapest way to go to Abrico Beach from Copacabana (or in any location near sea on South Zone) is take bus 175 (Barra da Tijuca or Recreio) or S-20 (Recreio) on Atlantica Avenue (except sundays), in Copacabana, (on sundays you can get the buses on Barata Ribeiro street) (from Ipanema you must take the bus on Vieira Souto Avenue or in Leblon, in Delfim Moreira Avenue) and get off in front of Barra Shopping (center), in Barra da Tijuca. Then take the bus 703 (Recreio) and take off in front of Condomínio MARAMAR. Go to the way up side the sea, through Prainha. When go down in Grumari, look to the sea and go left. Abricó beach is behind big stones.

Also lines 749 (Cascadura-Recreio) and 702 (Recreio-Rio das Pedras) go close Maramar condomínio on Macumba's beach.

About Maps visit the official site of Rio's Tour Secretary:

Instead you get off the bus in front of MARAMAR residences you can do in front of RECREIO SHOPPING CENTER, and then take a taxi to Abrico Beach. Costs approximately 13 reais (Us$ 7,64)

You have another option: If you take the bus 175 (only RECREIO, instead also BARRA DA TIJUCA) or S-20 (RECREIO) you can get off in front of ZONA SUL SUPERMARKET (16237, Americas Avenue - Avenida das Américas) and there take a taxi to Abricó beach (app. 15 reais or 17,reais - on sundays). So, you take only one bus. See the map of supermaket. localization:

By car: To go to Abrico beach by car, you must go to Barra da Tijuca, on Avenue of Americas (Avenida das Américas), when you see a mall called RECREIO SHOPPING on your left side, continue to a little road on right side of a bridge (The road seems the same Anenue of Americas, but it is not. Anenue of Americas continues on the bridge), -you must not turn the car-. When you arrive at the end of that road (it finishs in a river), turn left, go on, turn right on the first crossroad (Praia da Macumba, byside condomínio MARAMAR (residences) At right), and continue following the road up near sea, climb the mountain. At first you will see PRAINHA, go on. After the second mountain, you go down in Grumari. Stop the car, look to the sea and go left. Abricó beach is behind big stones.



Where may I stay around Abricó beach?

In the Grumari Ambiental Park, where Abricó beach is, it is not allowed buildings in any kind, except official one, because of that there is no hotels or guesthouses in this local. The nearest neighborhood are RECREIO DOS BANDEIRANTES, BARRA DE GUARATIBA e BARRA DA TIJUCA, where is possible to find places to lodge yourself. To reach the beach, however, it is necessary to go by car. Camping Club do Brasil has an area on Macumba beach, by the road approach Abricó beach. It is the nearest local. There are some lodgings around, on Macumba beach and Recreio do Bandeirantes.

Enter in RIOTUR site and look for.

Table of hotels and lodgings near to Abricó Beach (closely 4Kilometers) are:

Atlântico Sul Hotel. Adress:Av.Professor Armando Ribeiro, 25 - Recreio dos Bandeirantes- Telefone:(21) 3418-9100 - Rio de Janeiro - RJ

Mykonos Hotel Residência. Adress: Estrada Pontal, 8000 - Recreio dos Bandeirantes - Telefone:(21) -2490-8682 - Rio de Janeiro - RJ

Villa Del Sol Residences. Adress: Estrada do Pontal, 7100 - Recreio dos Bandeirantes - Telefone:(21) - 2125-4000 - Rio de Janeiro - RJ

Hotel Caravelle. Av. Lucio Costa 17686 Recreio Bandeirantes. (21) 2490- 2055

Pousada Pacific Estr. Pontal 8000 Recreio Bandeirantes (21) 2490 - 8680

Longevité. Rua Nehemias Gueiros, 421 Recreio dos Bandeirantes (21) 2437-6869

Spa Ligia de Azevedo. Estrada do Pontal, 7.100. Recreio dos Bandeirantes

(21) 2495 9191 / 2495 5959

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